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For security reasons there will be bag and body checks.

Not allowed are:
  • Flammable and toxic gas
  • Explosive items
  • Weapons and weapon-like objects such as syringes and sharp objects
  • Illegal substances
  • Drinks and food
  • Bottles of any kind
  • Professional camera equipment

Access is allowed for visitors aged 16+. Visitors under the age of 16, even accompanied by a legal guardian, have NO access to the event.

Animals are not allowed.

Horror Nights – Traumatica is an evening-event in a defined area of Europa-Park. The number of guests in the event area is strictly limited due to the restricted capacity. That’s why we highly recommend you to book online. Dates around the end of October are quickly sold-out. There will be no box office on the evening of the event, except for the few cases when the event is not sold-out in advance sale. We advise you no to try to come to the event spontaneously.

During Horror Nights – Traumatica, visitors follow a trail through a darkened section of the park, where live actors, disguised and made up to scare them, jump out on them.

A choice of 5 haunted houses forming the main attraction await you, with all the attendant scary sound, lighting and other effects. Groups of visitors enter on foot and make their own way through the houses, each with a different theme. At no point will any of the actors touch you, and we ask that you do not touch them.

More information about the app

Due to the size of the event, it can not be guaranteed that all attractions (horror houses, scarezones, shows, etc.) can be visited and completed. In order to visit all of the horror houses we recommend the Shoxter-Pass.

To increase your chances, even without a Shoxter pass, there is an overview of the waiting times in the evening. These are displayed on various screens at the event, as well as in the app.

No, the Traumatic world is built in stages, you can experience the event and enjoy without having previous knowledge.

However, the more you know about the story world, the deeper you can immerse yourself and discover more things / characters / teasers / Easter eggs. An overview of the Factions and their characteristics can be found here

Besides the main attractions, you will find several food- & souvenir-stands inside the event-area.

The show, with singing and acrobatics, takes place in the ice stadium. The show times are communicated in the evening at the event via screens and in the app.

The Youngstar-Coaster “Pegasus”, the “Matterhorn Blitz”, “Abenteuer Atlantis” as well as the attraction “Cassandra’s Curse” are open for event-guests.

Admission in Horror Nights – Traumatica is at 07:30 pm, in the waiting area at 06:45. Last admission in the horror houses/mazes is at 11:00 pm. Early arrival is recommended due to bag checks.

The Vampire’s Club, a club with DJs and a bar, opens on select evenings at 11pm. ENTRANCE IS FOR VISITORS AGED 18+ ONLY.

Horror Nights – Traumatica is mainly an outdoor-event. Many waiting areas are roofed, but not all.

Disguised or made-up guests will have NO ACCESS to Horror Nights – Traumatica.

The entrance to Horror Nights – Traumatica takes place through a separate entrance (not the Europa-Park main entrance). Guests park in the normal Europa-Park car park.

After the pedestrian tunnel between the car park and the Europa-Park ticket offices, follow the signs to Horror Nights – Traumatica. The path leads over a cycle path to a separate entrance. This is also the exit after the event, or a Vampire’s Club visit.

Hotel guests can take the EP Express to the Greek train station from 7.30pm. There is an entrance point set up.

If you are interested in switching to the ‘other side’. just send an email to and introduce yourself. Minimum age is 18 years and fluent German or English is required.

Subject to change.