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For a fast and easy arrival, we kindly ask you to bring the following:

  1. Medical face mask
  2. Ticket and if applicable the confirmation of the ticket exchange
  3. Photo ID
  4. Proof of authorisation

We explicitly ask you to ensure that you have all required documents before your arrival. If the documents are not complete, a visit will not be possible, despite a valid entry ticket.

The documents will be check on site at the entrance to the Traumatica area. You must be able to present a valid photo ID.


Proof of authorisation

Proof of authorisation must be one of the three following documents:



Officially accepted, negative Corona test result, which at the time of check (i.e. park entry, check-in) is no older than 24 hours (quick test) or no older than 48 hours (PCR test).

NO test is required for:

Students/pupils aged 16+ when able to present a student ID or similar proof of being a student).

Please note: Only tests from an official test site are accepted. Brought along self-tests are not accepted.

If an ‘official confirmation’ for quick tests doesn’t show a time, this confirmation is only valid on the day of issue, not for the following day. The confirmation must be signed.



Please bring your proof of vaccination in form of an official vaccination passport or in form of digital proof via an app. The proof of vaccination must be recognised by an official organisation and contain the following information: first and last name, vaccine, date of vaccination.

The proof of full vaccination must be older than 14 days. If you have received your full vaccination on 01.06.2021, you are considered ‘fully vaccinated’ from the 15.06.2021 and can visit the Europa-Park Theme Park and Resort from that day.



Please bring your positive PCR laboratory-test result which is older than 28 days. If your positive test result is older than 6 months, you will also have to bring your official proof of vaccination in form of your vaccination passport or digital proof. You will be considered fully vaccinated from the date of your vaccination.


Test possibilities for Horror Nights – Traumatica guests

Per visiting day, you must be able to present a negative test result, which is no older than 24 hours (quick test) or 48 hours (PCR test) at the time of arrival. We strongly recommend to arrive with a negative test result, as access to the event can otherwise not be guaranteed. If you don’t want to be tested on the way, you can find the locations of the local test centres on the Ortenau website: to the website. If you cannot provide a proof of authorisation, a limited number of test opportunities is available on site.

Depending on demand, waiting times might be substantial. The test capacity is very limited and reserved for exceptional circumstances. Visitors with resideny in Germany can be tested for free. Visitors who live abroad must pay a fee of €25.39 per person. Please note the special information for our guests from abroad.


Positive test on site

If you are tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, you will and your anyone in your party have to leave the premises immediately and contact your local health authorities. Your Traumatica tickets can be exchange for new, date specific tickets. Please contact our guest service at in order to do so.


For a healthy together

  • Health: We kindly ask you to visit Horror Nights – Traumatica only in good health. Visitors who were in contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the last 14 days or show symptoms of a respiratory infection or high temperature, are not allowed to visit the resort.
  • Distance: Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other people that do not belong to your group. Please observe the distancing rules also when parking your car and follow the instructions of our staff.
  • Sneezing & coughing: We kindly ask you to follow the sneezing and coughing etiquette during your visit to Horror Nights – Traumatica.
  • Washing hands: Frequent and thorough hand-washing is strongly recommended. Please do this regularly. There are plenty of facilities available to do so.
  • Feeling unwell: If you feel unwell during your visit, please avoid contact with other guests and get in touch with a member of staff immediately. Please wear your medical face mask where required and keep your distance.
  • Payment method: Please pay contactless, whenever possible.
  • Waiting time: We kindly ask for your understanding that there may be longer waiting times, due to the new rules and regulations.
  • Arrival: Please follow the mask requirements during your arrival. If a person outside of your household joins you in the car, all passengers must wear a face mask. Please observe the minimum distance rules when parking your car and follow the instructions by our staff.


Security and bag checks will be carried out.

Due to the current mask requirement it is mandatory to wear a medical face mask on the entire premises. This applies to all indoor as well as outdoor areas. The mask can only be removed in order to consume food or drinks.

Please note that wearing a scarf or cloth is not allowed. Surgery masks or FFP2 & 3 masks are considered medical face masks.

We recommend bringing your own medical face mask. If you are not able to wear a face mask, i.e. due to medical reasons, unfortunately entry to the event is not possible out of consideration for others. We can’t make any exceptions.

Additional requirements may come into force at any point.

Due to security reasons, we will conduct bag and body searches.

Not allowed are:
  • Flammable and toxic gas
  • Explosive items
  • Weapons and weapon-like items such as pointed and sharp items
  • Illegal substances
  • Bottles of any kind
  • Professional camera equipment
Additional information

Entry is allowed for visitors aged 16+. Visitors aged under 16, even if accompanied by a guardian, are not permitted to enter the event.

The Not Alone Experience is for visitors aged 18+.

Traumatica is generally suitable for all fans of horror events aged 16 and 18 respectively. The event is not suitable for pregnant women and people with cardiovascular issues.

Animals are not permitted.

Horror Nights – Traumaitca is an evening event in a defined area of Europa-Park. The number of visitors is very limited due to limited capacity. An online reservation is mandatory due to the Covid pandemic. Especially the dates at the end of October are sold out quickly. There is no ticket sale on site.

Spontaneous trips in the evening are therefore not recommended.

To the ticket shop

At Horror Nights – Traumatica, visitors are walking through a dark area of the park which is packed with masked and made-up, scary live actors.

The main attraction are 5 scary mazes as well as an immersive story world which features shock-effects as well as sounds and light effects. Groups of visitors are being sent through several themes and mazes which they have to walk through on their own on foot. They will however never be touched by our actors. The same applies for the visitors, who shall never touch any actors.

During the Not-Alone Experience, you will walk through two of the horror mazes alone, exclusively after the houses have closed for the public, and will have to solve a task. Equipped with just a small source of light, you will go on your way, and you might not be alone. Depending on the evening, this might take until 2am. The experience itself will take between 15 and 40 minutes, depending on the speed of your walk.

Due to the current situation, unfortunately we cannot plan with a Vampire’s Club.

Unfortunately, there won’t be an ice show at the Horror Nights – Traumatica this year.

Due to the size of the event, we cannot guarantee that all attractions (mazes and scare zones) can be visited. In order to be sure to see all attractions, we recommend the Shoxterpass.

In order to increase the chance of seeing all attractions without a Shoxterpass, there is an overview of all waiting times in the evening. These can be seen on a number of screens throughout the event.

No, Traumatica is built in stages. You can visit and enjoy the event without any knowledge of the story.

It is true though, that the more you know about the story, the deep you can dive into Traumatica and discover more specials/actors/teasers/Easter eggs.

There are food and souvenir shops on site.

The Yougstar-Coaster Pegasus as well as Casandra’s Curse are open for event guests.

Doors to the Horror Nights – Traumaitca area open at 7.30pm. Gates to the area open from 6.45pm. Last admission to the horror mazes is at 11pm. We recommend arriving in good time due to the mandatory bag and covid checks.

The event is mainly outdoors. Some waiting areas are covered, but not all of them.

Guests in fancy dress or with painted faces have no access to the event.

The entrance to Horror Nights – Traumatica is via a separate entrance, not Europa-Park’s main entrance. Visitors park at the regular Europa-Park carpark. A parking ticket must be booked when booking entry tickets and costs €7.

Follow the signs to Horror Nights – Traumatica to the right after the foot tunnel. The path leads via a cycling path to a separate entrance. Hotel guests can take the EP-Express to the Greek themed area from 7.15pm. A separate entrance is located there.

If you would like to be part of Horror Nights – Traumatica, please send an email to and introduce yourself. You must be at least 18 years old and speak fluent German or English.

Subject to change.