The Story

Traumatica – Festival of Fear

After the Rotters have multiplied and attacked the bunker of the Resistance, there was no more mercy. Despite the Resistance’s military experience and sheer will to survive, they never stood a chance… no one survived. Those who were bitten morphed into Rotters or were killed by others straight away in order to save them from this terrible fate – until even the last one was wiped out. The Resistance are history and the Rotters are wondering aimlessly around the Traumatica area in order to find more victims.

Once the fight was over, the Factions have withdrawn.

Dragoş Shadowborn was looking for a way to survive together with his supporters and found one. He lures his victims in with a wax figure museum and once they think themselves safe, they become part of the exhibition. In order to conserve the blood, the food is being cast in wax and stored. To make sure there will be something left if times turn worse again.

The Pack has fled, only few stayed behind. And that turned out to be a mistake. The travelling people which had settled on the deprived area of Rulantica, has captured the last Packs of their kind. They spend the rest of their miserable lives as attractions in the petting zoo or as pets of the dancers of Skin Deep. Their clubhouse has been turned into a table dance bar and motel, which lures in visitors with the beauty of each individual body part.

In the petting zoo, however, individual members of the Pack are not the main attraction. Between creatures in cages and all kinds of attractions, there is always something new to discover. But the zoo’s manager’s hunger can’t be stilled. And that’s why they need more supplies.

There are also only few of the Fallen left, some of them work as servants for Dragoş Shadowborn in the wax museum, desperately hoping to become part of the Shadows somehow after all. But Madame Monroe, the fortune-teller, has brought another guest which pushes the remaining Fallen deeper and deeper into madness. Anyone else who sets foot in the house shall have their souls brutally ripped out without hesitation.

The relentless Ghouls stayed in their cave and investigated the new creatures from there. Because Dragoş Shadowborn needed the home of the Ghouls as his food storage, they made a deal – the conserved bodies could be stored there and in return, the Ghouls would get the few visitors who miraculously made their way all the way to the catacombs of the wax museum…

The Resistance’s bunker has been empty for a long time and caught the eye of one of the Travellers: Grim and his gang. What more could clowns want than a lonely place with plenty of opportunity to set up traps?! Using anything and everything they could find on the abandoned area, they perfected the Funhouse. And everyone, of course, was very welcome. Only few manage to leave the house once they have entered. One thing that will stay for sure is your mind…