A huge threat overshadows Traumatica. The animalistic, instinct driven Rotters managed to enter the world of Traumatica.

They never appear alone. Always in groups. A collective. They don’t seem to know pain or fear. Only sheer aggression and the craving to follow their instincts.

The first hurdle has been cleared, the bunker of the Resistance. Attacked, fought, won and conquered. But they are a long way from being finished. They don’t seem to care about victims among themselves. It’s almost as if they are following a plan. The Resistance had to flee and leave their once safe HQ behind. It is now under the control of the Rotters, but no longer ‘safe’.

It is not clear what exactly they are. Their plans? A mystery.

They have two arms and two legs… not all of them, but this is the only thing they have in common with humans.

How they came about, where exactly they come from and what they are up to, is not clear. So far, nobody has dared to ask.