The Goddess of Traumatica

From the beginning of time itself, light was fighting darkness and darkness was fighting light.

When the last sun set in the west, this fight seemed determined and the creatures of Traumatica emerged out of the night to rule the earth and slaughter the remains of mankind.

But since even death needs life, a goddess arose from the from the twilight of the moon with the power over the balance of lordship in Traumatica: Myra Moon Mistress.

Armed with her fiery sword she can wipe out the existence of every being in Traumatica. And it is she, who possess the most seldom substance in the universe named ‘Mooshine’, the ‘Fire of Life’.

Only the Mistress knows how to spawn it form the blood of The Shadows. Any being that once tasted a drop of Mooshine will never forget the sensation of the insuperable strength and vividness it supplies. Only few win the favour of the Mistress and become part of her entourage.