The Pack
The Nefarious Biker gang

The Pack isn’t just any biker gang, it’s the only survivor on this damn planet.

The world is on fire and The Pack … well, first, have a beer. Not just any beer, but their own brew, the ‘Brutal Brewski’.
Rioting and vandalism are the order of the day for these guys. Once they have picked up a track, they don’t let their victims go. You’ll need to be quick to escape this martial gang and their gigantic claws.

The Pack – Sabotage
Mad Dog, the former alpha male from The Pack, is fed up – he wants to replace Roxy again and is doing everything to oust her from her position at top of the pack. He doesn’t shy away from sabotaging his own home and planting a bomb.

Their attributes

Strength 60%
Blood thirst 30%
Evil 60%

Roxandra ‘Roxy' Wolf

Roxandra, usually called Roxy, is loud, brutal and likes to bully others around. She is the alpha female of The Pack. Yet Mad Dog, the former alpha male, is fed up with these Wolves. The balance of power within the ranks of murderous werewolf mutants is about to be redefined.

The Silver Bullet Bar is the home of The Pack. But things have changed here since Roxy took over … Will you come and enjoy a cold beer?

The Factions

Five Factions populate the world of Horror Nights – Traumatica, that they all wish to take over. Look at the other four factions and choose yours!
The FallenThe Fallen
The PackThe Pack