The Fallen
They serve the Evil

Their minds are dead but their bodies have not accepted that fact. Full of madness, they have fallen for their masters, the Shadows.

Every now and then one of them breaks the chains of bondage, but usually comes crawling back to make even bigger sacrifices.

The Fallen – Shhhhh!
Even the dumb Fallen are too scared to go to their own house. If you have the courage, you should be quieter!

Their attributes

Strength 30%
Blood thirst 10%
Evil 53%

Crawley The Enigmatic Subject

He allegedly drew the long straw and was chosen by Dragoş Shadowborn as a subservient. His sacrifices to his master, however, have consequences. Members of other factions hunt him, and not simply for revenge. Sometimes it seems as if Crawley only pretends to be dependent on Dragoş to pursue some plan, but in the same moment falls further into his eternally deep suffering.

Their minds are dead, but their bodies continue to live. Full of madness and hunger, they react like a raw nerve and tear apart everything in their wake.

The Factions

Five Factions populate the world of Horror Nights – Traumatica, that they all wish to take over. Look at the other four factions and choose yours!
The FallenThe Fallen
The PackThe Pack