On the Hunt

The Ghouls used to be Shadows, until they were disgraced. Banished underground, the Ghouls feed on the blood of the dead, which turns them into hideous, crooked creatures.

They eke out a life in the dark, a place that no ray of light could ever reach, a cave world in a pitch-black night where they constantly lurk for a hint of possible fresh meat.

Ghouls – Unleashed
Whoever previously thought the Ghouls are brutal should first get to know the Ghoul Queen Tara! Shaped by Tara into perfect hunters and let loose, the Ghouls are always on the lookout for food. Whoever enters their dark cave world has only one goal: to survive!

Their attributes

Strength 70%
Blood thirst 90%
Evil 80%

Ghoul Queen ‘Tara'

Tara is the Queen of the Ghouls. Before she was made a Ghoul by Dragoş, she was the daughter of General Sparx, the former leader of The Resistance. The animalistic, instinct-driven creatures follow her and would sacrifice themselves at any time in the name of the Ghouls. The Ghoul Queen has managed to overcome the dependency on the Shadows and ensured the continued existence of the faction herself.

Deep in the earth, in the darkness of caves and tombs, something moves. The darkness may not hurt you … But what lives inside can! The ghouls have evolved and await you deep in the caves …

The Factions

Five Factions populate the world of Horror Nights – Traumatica, that they all wish to take over. Look at the other four factions and choose yours!
The FallenThe Fallen
The PackThe Pack