Fall to your knees! Your new masters come out of the night.

The world lays in rubble and ash as they reign over darkness and blood.

This is the remains of a world torn apart by armies of fearsome creatures.
Their names make human tongues crumble to dust, but their story has been told for millennia – stories of demons and blood suckers.
Their slaves whisper only “masters” to them, and those who still oppose them call them … “Shadows.”
 You are facing the Legion of Blood – the blood temple of the rulers.
Inside they celebrate their great slaughter celebration.
A terrifying gathering to which all are cordially invited… All whose veins are still filled with blood and are naive enough to approach …
Mortals like you.

Conquer them! Or be their walking blood-bag.

The master: Dante Shadowborn

Strength 90%
Power 70%
Blood Thirst 100%
Evil 70%

Overview on the 5 factions