Mankind had a good run. That is until, unfortunately, creatures, mutants, and lunatics took over the land.

But still, not all humans are dead … The toughest, most paranoid, and best-equipped fighters now form the Resistance.
This is their name. In a land with not much left, they want to stake their claim on what is rightfully theirs.
The music in their bunker, Operation Rage, is the tortured cries of the members of other factions.
The landlords inject themselves with adrenalin, which they obtain from the green blood of the Shadows they hunt with the superhuman strength and subterranean knowledge they’ve gained …

Welcome to a world of concrete, steel and, poor education. The food is ready.
There are pistols, chainsaws, and knives – served by a horde of highly trained, quick-witted war machines.

Humans – The most dangerous creatures of all.

The Master: General Sparks


Strength 70%
Power 60%
Blood Thirst 20%
Evil 20%