Half man Half dog

Into Gang War creep not bears, but the wildest creatures you have ever seen. The nefarious motorcycle gang The Pack rides with mischief here and has seized power.

Mad Dog had a good time as the leader of the murderous werewolf mutants, but now a brutal power struggle has broken out. His opponent is well on the way to taking power in the gang under her razor-sharp claws.

The bickering, noisy and stinking bikers with their wheels of hell strike a threatening picture with their huge stature and their hairy bodies. Rioting and vandalism is on the agenda for all the uncouth types. Once they’ve started a hunt, they will not leave their victims.

These martial troops were equipped by their masters with destructive power, and you’ll need to be quick to escape the gigantic claws of these nasty creatures.

The alpha wolf: Ruxandra „Roxy“ Wolf

Strength 80%
Blood Thirst 40%
Evil 50%