These are the new Traumatica visitors!

The Festival of Fear spreads pure horror. The travellers have left their train, and they are creatures of a very special kind. Find our more here!

Wax Museum

Join us in remembering classic character, along with a few new faces, lovingly preserved for all time in our latest exhibition. Be careful not to venture too far, or you may uncover the truth of what lies beneath!

Grim's Funhouse

Step right up, the clowns are back, and the jokes are sure to kill! Grim & his gang of fun loving jesters will ensure that a trip to their Funhouse is one that you certainly won´t forget…that is, if you can make it out alive!

Skin Deep

Come on in and enjoy the show, where the finest collection of beautiful body parts are put together for your entertainment. Beauty is only skin deep, so be careful…the next parts in our collection could come from you!

Tarot House

Want to see what the future holds for you? Step foot inside to discover your fate & see what fortunes, or misfortunes, are in store. But, look out…the cost of knowing could be your soul!

Petting Zoo

Welcome to the Petting Zoo, where our friendly & professional staff are here to greet you with a smile. You won´t believe your eyes as we show you our menagerie of unusually adorable, cute & cuddly creatures…not forgetting our magical main attraction! What could it be? A Unicorn? Or just maybe…it´s you!

The Traumatica Circus: DYSTOPIA

9pm & 10.30pm
In The Traumatica Circus: DYSTOPIA, guests can expect a spectacular show with international artists. Engines sound, your hackles come up thanks to the air filled with adrenalin, and the circus tent is lit up by flame: Welcome to our circus! Whether you will be able to leave the tent after the show: who knows…