• The Factions

  • The Factions

  • The Factions

  • The Factions

  • The Factions

Evil has taken over the post-apocalyptic world. Horrific creatures rule, spreading fear and horror. Five rival groups are fighting for power. Which faction will you choose? Who will help you get out of the danger zone unscathed? Everyone has to make their choice and live with the decision or die. The Fallen, The Pack, Ghouls, Resistance, and Shadows are ready for the showdown…


The Pack

The Pack is not some biker gang, but the only true survivors on this God-forsaken planet. This is no coincidence, because the members are violent, murderous werewolf mutants who destroy everything in their way… Discover more >



Their names make human tongues crumble to dust, but their story has been told for millennia – stories of demons and blood suckers. Conquer them! Or be their walking blood-bag. Discover more >



not all humans are dead … The toughest, most paranoid, and best-equipped fighters now form the Resistance.
This is their name. In a land with not much left, they want to stake their claim on what is rightfully theirs. Discover more >



They are perverts who drank not the blood of the living, but the dark, coagulated blood of the dead! They were exiled. Forever. In a place where no beam of light can ever reach them.  A cave world in the blackest night, deep down inside the earth’s core. Discover more >


The Fallen

Their minds are dead, but their bodies live on. Full of madness and hunger, they react like a raw nerve – tearing apart all in their wake. Discover more >

With Horror Nights – Traumatica visitors have the choice: Do they fall for the madness of the Fallen? Do they want to hunt innocent people with The Pack? Lose all human traits as a Ghoul? Do they want to fight for power with Resistance? Or are they fighting the suppression together with the Shadows? One will have to decide quickly, before the world is doomed. The time of Horror Nights – Traumatica has begun!

Overview on the 5 Factions