The Resistance Rises

Resistance have joined together to form a strict military organisation. Their goal is to gain control of Traumatica and eradicate every bloodsucker in this world.

With such big goals, there is not much room for morality. To fight the monsters, they have become monsters themselves.

Resistance – Operation: Invasion
The main goal of the Resistance must wait. Rotters are attacking the bunker of the Resistance, trying to overtake it. Without leaders, the Resistance try everything not to fall. Armed to the teeth, they face the creatures that have found their way to Traumatica.

Their attributes

Strength 50%
Blood thirst 20%
Evil 50%


General Sparx was the leader of the Resistance. He died trying to free his daughter Tara from the clutches of Dragoş. But there is already a potential successor, and if he can save the bunker, he will be allowed to lead the Resistance as a general.

The world has fallen. A single force stands between the survivors of the Apocalypse and the monsters that terrorise our world: Resistance. Man and machine form the ultimate soldier.

The Factions

Five Factions populate the world of Horror Nights – Traumatica, that they all wish to take over. Look at the other four factions and choose yours!
The FallenThe Fallen
The PackThe Pack