Casting call 2019

Casting on 21th July 2019 in Rust

Anyone in the mood for the scariest job in the world can now apply to be a performer at Horror Nights – Traumatica in Rust! Applicants must be over 18 and speak fluent German or English.

Horror Nights – Traumatica will run from 25th September to 2nd November 2019 at Germany’s largest theme park, transporting visitors to a post-apocalyptic world.

Date: 21th July 2019
Time: From 2pm
Place: Europa-Park (Details will be available at registration)

Apply now!

Availability on the dates plus 10 days in advance for rehearsals is required.

We, 25.09.2019
Fr, 27.09.2019
Sa, 28.09.2019

We, 02.10.2019
Th, 03.10.2019
Fr, 04.10.2019
Sa, 05.10.2019
Fr, 11.10.2019
Sa, 12.10.2019
Su, 13.10.2019
Fr, 18.10.2019
Sa, 19.10.2019
Su, 20.10.2019
Th, 24.10.2019
Fr, 25.10.2019
Sa, 26.10.2019
Su, 27.10.2019
We, 30.10.2019
Th, 31.10.2019

Fr, 01.11.2019
Sa, 02.11.2019